About Serpentine spring

- Jan 05, 2018-

Serpentine spring, also known as the coupling spring. Serpentine spring coupling, is an advanced metal structure. It relies on serpentine springs to transmit torque. Serpentine spring coupling is the most advanced shaft coupling transmission parts in the field of international machinery, is also a very common shaft coupling transmission parts.

In the material specifications, the thickness can be done up to 20mm, the width can be done up to 30mm. Serpentine spring group (1 circle for a group of customers when the supply of snake spring trial size, there are 1 for 1 group: 2 for 1 group, 4 for 1 group and 6 for 1 group, etc.) The torque range of this product is 26-270000N · M. The relative axial displacements of the two shafts are 0.5-3mm, the axial displacements are 4-20mm and the angular displacements are 1 ° 15 '.

Serpentine springs in the mechanical transmission system, the serpentine spring is responsible for the transmission of torque and cushioning, good damping, long life, to withstand a wide range of load changes, starting safe, high transmission efficiency, reliable operation, low noise, good lubrication Simple structure, easy assembly and disassembly, allowing greater installation bias.