About the inner sofa spring

- Sep 25, 2017-

     Inner sofa spring including the Zig zag spring,Pocket spring and Coil spring,they are all are upholstery springs,used in Furniture,such as sofa,chair,car seat,plane seat.Now let me introduce all of them.

     1. Zig zag spring have 4t types

         1)Flat spring-always used in chair

         2)Curve spring-Softer,used in Sofa or seat back

         3)Round spring-Harder than the curve

         4)Roll spring-you can cut any size you need.

    2.Pocket spring is Pocket coil spring for cushion,used in the sofa seat,replace the traddtional product-Foam,now the popuar is Pocket with foam together ,that will be more comfortable and durable.

    3.Coil spring also named bonnell spring,they are popular used in Canada,America,Brazil,Guatemala,In Europe a few,coil spring is the most comfortable springs in all the types springs,but the working procedure is more complicated,need more labors.

    Now you need more the inner springs,right?