Characteristics and Application of Spring Steel

- Jan 11, 2018-

1.65, 70, 85: High strength, hardness, yield ratio can be obtained, but the hardenability is small, heat resistance is not good, the ability to withstand the dynamic load and fatigue load is low, but widely used, but mostly used in the working temperature is not high Small springs or less important larger springs. Such as cars, tractors, rail vehicles and general machinery springs.

65Mn composition is simple, hardenability and mechanical properties, decarburization and other process properties are better than carbon steel, but more sensitive to overheating, temper brittleness, quenching easy to crack the price lower, a large amount. Manufacture a variety of small cross-section of flat spring, spring, clockwork, valve system can also be made of spring, spring ring, shock absorbers and clutch reed, brake and so on.

2.55Si2Mn, 60Si2Mn, 60Si2MnA silicon (Wsi) high (up to 2.00%).

High strength, good elasticity. Good anti-tempering stability. Easy decarburization and graphitization. Hardenability is not high.

The main spring steel, a wide range of uses. Manufacture of various springs such as leaf springs, helical springs, cylinder safety valve springs for cars, locomotives, tractors, and some important springs that work under high stress, and heavily worn springs.

55Si2MnB due to boron, the hardenability significantly improved light, medium-sized cars before and after the suspension spring, the next spring.

55Si2MnB China's own development of the steel, hardenability, mechanical properties, fatigue properties are better than the 60Si2Mn steel main manufacturing small and medium-sized car leaf spring, the use of good effect, but also for other medium-size section of the leaf spring, coil spring .

3.60Si2CrA 60Si2CrVA

High-strength spring steel. High hardenability, heat treatment process performance. Due to high strength, after the spring should be promptly processed to eliminate internal stress to create an important large load spring large. 60Si2CrA turbine steam seal can be made of springs, regulating springs, condenser support springs, disc springs and other high-pressure water pump. 60Si2CrVA steel also makes extremely important springs, such as conventional weapons take hook spring, crusher spring.


60CrMnA prominent advantages of good hardenability, in addition to thermal processing performance, mechanical properties, decarburization performance is also a large cross-section of a variety of important springs, such as cars, locomotives large leaf springs, coil springs.


In the existing variety of spring steel hardenability of the highest. Mechanical properties, anti-tempering stability is also good for large-scale civil construction, heavy vehicles, machinery and other large springs. Plate thickness up to 35mm above, round steel diameter can exceed 60mm.


A small amount of vanadium increases elasticity, strength, yield ratio and resistance to spring-load, grain refinement and declines decarburization tendency. Carbon content is smaller, plasticity, toughness better than other spring steel. Hardenability, fatigue performance is also a variety of important helical springs, especially suitable for working stress amplitude, fatigue performance demanding springs, such as valve springs, nozzle springs, cylinder expansion ring, safety valve spring.

7. 60CrMnBA

Hardenability than the high 60CrMnA, a variety of other similar performance larger leaf springs, coil springs, torsion springs.

8. 30W4Cr2VA

High-strength heat-resistant spring steel. Hardenability is good. High temperature anti-relaxation and thermal processing performance is also good Operating temperature 500 ~ C below the heat-resistant springs, such as steam turbine main steam valve spring, steam seal spring, boiler safety valve spring, 400t boiler disc valve spring.

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