How to improve spring quality

- Aug 09, 2017-

Spring is now the production and life of the necessary items, now has many enterprises fancy the market, and vigorously production, I believe many people will ask how the quality of spring should be improved? In fact, the factors that affect the yield of spring can be roughly divided into: drawing process, production organization and equipment reasons.

1, how to optimize the drawing process, reel number under certain conditions, the total compression rate remains unchanged, the appropriate reduction of part of the compression ratio, the increase in the number of drawing appropriate, especially to reduce the last 1 genuine partial reduction ratio, can change the internal stress distribution of the steel wire, the tensile strength declined continuously. The plastic index is on the rise, will greatly improve the rate of qualified products.

2, in the drawing process, the sliding friction between spring steel wire and wire drawing die, die hole may cause uneven deformation of wire, and will produce a lot of heat, increase energy consumption, then the need to use the drawing powder to dry and good liquidity, while drawing in need often stirred, so you can avoid drawing powder coke. During drawing, make sure the cooling channel of mould box and reel is unobstructed, enough flow can be kept and the mold box is dry and clean. Block machine using internal and external cooling slot forced air-cooled, reel internal and external use of water spray ring gap with forced air cooling, low hardness cooling water, water pressure 0.2-0.3MPa, temperature not exceeding 30 DEG C.

In spring 3, in the production process should be strictly controlled "three temperature speed, running speed is to control the temperature, temperature, lead wire temperature, steel wire in the furnace, thus reducing the oxidation on the surface of the wire, can prevent the wire hanging lead, also can strengthen the lead slot management, can ensure that the lead liquid surface cover tightly, can run in the cross lead wire. In addition, we also need to control the broken ends, loose ends, and no parking.