How to install zig zag upholstery springs

- Sep 20, 2017-

        Zig zag upholstery springs also name Sinuous spring,No sag springs,Sofa springs,U shaped springs and Seat springs,they can use in Sofa,Chair,Car seat,and Bus seat,Plane seat.

        If you buy the sofa roll springs,do you know how to install zig zag upholstery springs?

       You must measure the length of sofa frame,length should be smaller than the frame ,if the frame 55cm,you should cut 50cm length springs,and then count how many loops,cut the same loops for pieces,and start to installl the springs,first.fix one side in the clips,and then draw another side,and fix again,and make all the springs in the same level ,you can use by hand or by the tool.