Pocket spring for mattress and sofa

- Jan 17, 2018-

The utility model relates to the technical field of mattresses, and in particular relates to a bag-shaped bread spring and a bag-wrapped spring mattress and a sofa cushion. The bag-shaped bread spring comprises a cloth bag and a spring compressed in the cloth bag, the compression ratio of the spring compressed in the cloth bag is 25% -30%, the diameter of the spring is φ1.0~2.0 mm, and the Wafer diameter of the bagged bread roll φ40mm ~ 80mm. The utility model provides a bag-shaped bread spring which is formed by compressing a single spring in a bag by a certain compression ratio. The bag-shaped bread roll has moderate compression ratio and good softness, and the degree of soft and hard can be adjusted according to the need. The bagged bread spring mattress better softness, without the use of a large number of sponges, the human body can be more contact with the mattress fit soft, lower production costs, the price is cheaper, easy to open up the market; the use of the bagged bread Spring cushion cushion resilience, contact with the body more fit, is conducive to the sofa cushion shape recovery and maintenance.