Repair all kinds of sofa

- May 22, 2018-

Do you know how to repair when the sofa happened to be shaped ,soft,sofa seam burst,leather color loss,sofa frame collapsed?Let me tell you.

Sofa Spring Snapped

Most sofas bases are made up of steel serpentine (zig zag) springs, over time the steel can weaken & snap or more likely the clips that connect the springs to the frame fail & break off leaving the seat foam unsupported. We can replace these broken springs & clips within your home.

Sofa seats gone soft

The seats in your sofa are made up of foam lay over a sprung or webbed base these foam soften over time or pocket springs can tear through. We can add or replace these foams in your home on the day of the visit as we carry different densities of foam you can choose how firm you would like your sofa.

Sofa seam burst/split

The sewing on your upholstery can split or snap under strain, maybe the stitches have been sewn over on a cross stitch weakening the area to cause the break, we can stitch these seams back together as they originally were using the correct thread to prevent the seam splitting further.

Leather color loss

There are several different types of leather used to cover furniture, most used are the coloured & sealed types where the colour can wear off with age or accidental damage can bleach the pigment. We can chemically clean the leather & re colour in matching pigment, then reseal as new.

Sofa frame collapsed

Wooden frames can snap on knots or weak areas under strain, these rails can be removed and replaced, further strengthened to prevent from happening again. Even annoying creaks can be repaired by separating rails & injecting specialist wood glues to stop friction along with the creaking.

repair sofa.jpg