Sofa spring or Foam,which one is better?How to buy them?

- Jul 11, 2018-

Today's sofa cushions can be divided into spring sofa cushions and foam sofa cushions. These two sofa cushions are different in workmanship or material.Some people like to buy spring sofa cushions when buying sofa cushions, while others like to buy foam sofa cushions when buying sofa cushions.Sofa spring or Foam,which one is better?How to buy them?

Sofa cushions can't be easily separated by pure foam or springs, because foam and springs have many grades, foam, ordinary foam, fireproof foam, slow rebound foam, many domestic sofas, recycled sponges, and poor  foam. The sofa is also difficult to distinguish. It is easy to be deformed after a long time. The spring has a treasure tower spring, a rice spring, a bag spring, etc., and the spring steel wire diameter has a large difference in jade steel, so the quality of the seat cushion cannot be simply based on whether the pure sponge has The distinction between springs and the best comfort should be a reasonable match between the spring tightness and the foam. There are fewer sofas without springs.