Spring machinery maintenance

- Aug 09, 2017-

First, routine maintenance. Is clean, fastening, adjustment, lubrication as the basic points, each job before the work, with the work after the need to follow the actual situation to the routine maintenance of the spring machine.

Second, regular maintenance. In accordance with the maintenance of different mechanical equipment, in a certain working hours and the required range, the need to the appropriate regular maintenance, mainly in the following:

Level 1 maintenance: Put on lubrication, firm and check that each part has been cleaned by three filters. General is the mechanical team leader command, mechanical operators to complete.

Secondary maintenance: need to view the engine, clutch and other operating conditions and to the necessary adjustments to clear the failure. To ensure that the spring machine has a good running performance.

Three maintenance: the main detection, adjustment, troubleshooting point of failure. Check, adjust, and troubleshoot places that are prone to problems.