What are the characteristics of spring surface treatment technology?

- Aug 09, 2017-

The use of metal springs is very wide, the use of a wide range of metal spring appearance on the use of performance also has a relative role, if the appearance of improper handling will cause the spring corrosion or rust, seriously affect the role of the spring, so we In the use of metal springs must be done when the corresponding appearance.

Metal spring surface treatment first to the metal spring to oil, to the scale:

1, the metal spring immersed in water diluted with a metal cleaning agent A (cleaning agent A and dilution ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 2) of the plastic containers, the moment to the appearance of the spring without oil, Metal nature is appropriate, soaking time should not be too long, remove the water washed. So that the appearance of metal springs have matte effect.

2, in the ultrasonic equipment in the cleaning agent and the ratio of 1:30 with the water, the moment to the appearance of the spring without oil, no skin to restore the nature of metal is appropriate, remove the water washed, so that the appearance of metal springs can reach the matt effect.

The above two methods can be applied to the high precision spring.

3, cleaning agent A into a coarse abrasive, spring vibrating polisher or hexagonal drum (spring and coarse abrasive volume ratio is best 1: 3, the amount of cleaning agent for the spring component of 1% - 2% ) Grinding and polishing after washing with water, the spring surface of the scratches there is no, and improve the appearance of the spring finish. But the high precision of the winding spring should not use this method.

After the metal spring can be carried out light treatment

The brightener B is placed in a shiny polisher or hexagonal drum with a coarse abrasive (the volume ratio of the spring to the abrasive is 1: 3, the amount of the brightener B is 1% to 2% of the spring component, Long brighter) after polishing, remove the water can be washed with dried, so that the appearance of metal springs such as nickel is usually shiny, never fade.