What is better for the sofa seat,springs or solid wood?

- Apr 17, 2018-

The general solid wood base is better. You say the tension bullet is the elastic bandage and spring pack. The base refers to the bottom, which is generally solid wood metal. Bandages and spring packs are components that are added to the seat cushion in the seat. They do not belong to the same parts used. In general, the sofas are packaged in spring-loaded hard-powered sponges, or on top of reclaimed sponges plus six to ten centimeters of hard sponge. Or directly on the bandages and springs plus hard super sponge, and then spread on top of a layer of high-elastic sponge. The last kind of technology is much higher than the cost, but it is practical and the seat feel is quite good.

The base, referring to the bottom of the wooden shelf. They are usually made of hibiscus, and then they are decorated with external decorative feet, hardware, solid wood, and carved. The wooden mallets for a good sofa base are generally sanded on all four sides. Not to mention leftovers or filth, rotted. A zipper is usually placed on the bottom of a common sofa, and you can pull open and check the structure of the wooden casket.