What is the role of automotive leaf spring?

- Aug 09, 2017-

Let me first introduce what is an automobile leaf spring. It is mainly used in automobile suspension. It has a wide range of components. It is mainly made of very large springs with the same width but different length. So what does it do?

The leaf spring is mounted in the suspension of the car. If it is subjected to the vertical load force, the spring plate will deform due to force, and the camber will occur. At this point, the frame will be close to the vehicle and bridge. In the far distance from the axle and frame, will make the steel plate spring by shape change and positive vertical load have been smaller, there may be a reverse.  The main piece jaek serious force. Is very weak, if you want to improve the main spring stress condition, it is usually the second end has become curling, it will be wrapped in the main piece jaek external package called ear. If you want to make the spring deformation also have the relative sliding condition in the main spring piece and second pieces of bag left in the middle ear space is relatively large gap. But there is a part of the leaf spring suspension at both ends of the spring is not made, the use of other methods to support the connection, such as rubber support pad.