What kind of spring you can choose in the sofa seat?

- Sep 14, 2017-

I think can actually, basically see the user the usual care!
About the spring
Zigzag spring: spring bow (serpentine spring) and spiral spring (for the frame structure of sofa is different) is the price positioning in determining the structure of sofa and spring type, rather than the process design.
1, bow spring
Bow spring is also called serpentine spring
After heat treatment of steel wire is bent into a continuous s-shaped it around in circles again after wire back into the circle stress, the stress makes spring middle arch, like a bow advantages: bow spring because the price is cheap, fixed process also relatively simple bow spring on the perpendicular to the fixed at the ends of the bow spring has good elasticity, is the first selection of sofa seat frame.

Pocket spring
It can be placed inside the box, can also be placed in the seat cushion sponge.Operation is also more complex.
Bag spring is a group of helical spring in a small bag non-woven fabrics or other materials, the distribution of dense, spring group are excellent.
Bag spring and coil spring, different products will use different specifications of the bag is spring.
The spring should be the highest product of choice.