What materials used in the sofa

- Nov 10, 2017-

According to the sofa shape, the sofa is divided into two major types of classic and modern.

Classical style sofa are generally used some of the traditional styling elements, the use of traditional technology structure, so the structure is more complicated. Such exposed parts of the sofa commonly used carving, mosaic, painting, finishing and other decorative processes, the production line long, high technical requirements.

Modern modeling sofa production process is relatively simple, extensive use of modern new technology materials, its production line is short, easy to large-scale production.

Sofa mainly by the frame, filler, fabric three major components.

(1) The frame consists of the main structure of the sofa and the basic shape. Frame material is mainly wood, steel, wood-based panels, medium density fiberboard, etc., the current density-based fiberboard. The main framework to meet the modeling requirements and strength requirements.

(2) The filler plays a decisive role in the comfort of the sofa. Traditional filler is brown silk, spring, now commonly used is a variety of functions of foam plastic, sponge, synthetic materials. Filler should have good flexibility, anti-fatigue, long life. Different parts of the sofa filler load-bearing, comfort requirements are different. Filler performance, great price differences.

(3) fabric texture, color determines the grade of the sofa, the current variety of fabrics is really dazzling, with the progress of science and technology, fabric varieties will be more and more rich.