What spring used in the best sofa?

- Sep 29, 2017-

          The sofa of the brand in the market now more and more, but for the quality control.So, in the sofa of choose and buy, should carefully check, the experiment of the sofa parts quality.In addition to the sofa mainly make the assurance of timber frame, fabric, filler, as is the use of some small details and parts need to pay attention to.

           Is like for use within the sofa spring, spring is one of the important components, a soft sofa structure in contemporary sofa is still in a variety of different forms.Spring is in the form of chao beep spring, stables drum spring, round on spring, small Angle plate spring, serpentine spring, tension spring salt.

          Speakers to be used for traditional sofa spring, waist drum, spring soil body, it is composed of fine wire control into the north, the spring xing of elasticity changes with the diameter of the wire size, wire a little bit small small - shan power, feel a little bit soft.Coarse wire is a bit hard.Or back of a chair seat surface sinking depth of compression is determined by the spring on the number of groups, the more factor compression is large.Factor is less compression and also small.

         The stand or fall of spring resilience, and quality has a lot to do with sofa, the sofa of choose and buy when in addition to the external use of materials, internal parts and requires careful examination.Use good sofa spring can not only maintain good resilience, sofa and sofa whole life also has a lot to do.

        The product mainly use two kinds of springs, Lao Yang sofa is a kind of vertical spring (also known as the spring package), is a kind of common snake spring type (S), including vertical spring is mainly used in the sofa cushion, can make the sofa has better resilience.The common combination of Lao Yang is high elastic bandage, snake spring and wire mesh weaving structure, good bearing capacity and elastic balance ability and robustness.

       On the choice of sofa used materials, the Lao Yang sofa insist on European production standards, strict material selection, pure manual grinding instead of streamline operations, ensure each sofa is carefully crafted products.Ergonomics at the same time, will be implemented to every layer of fabric, once per design, each piece of high density sponge, under the premise that large amounts of data statistics, scientific computing, overall management, guarantee the people sitting on the couch every muscle relaxation effect best.

       Use the best material to do the best product, this is the idea of the article Lao Yang sofa always.As a family of long-term use of furniture, sofa should not only care about appearance, inner quality is more important.At the time of the sofa of choose and buy, can let the sales staff to cooperate to open the sofa cloth outside, check the quality of the internal material, in order to prevent the sofa to buy quality is bad.