About Sofa Springs

- Oct 12, 2017-

Sofa springs have 3 series,Zig zag spring,Pocket cushion spring and Coil spring.
Let me introduce the zigzag spring first.
Zig zag spring,have 4 kinds of shape:
1)Flat spring,it mostly uses in chairs and car seat.


2)Curve spring,it can be shaped to customers requirements,different lengths available,mostly use in sofa seat.


3)Round spring,can make the sofa seat with durable elasticity and comfortable.


4)Roll spring,it can be made of a variety of gauges and lengths,to be cut by any sizes as you request.moustly use in sofa seat and back.


Second,Pocket spring
Standarization seating installation increases the prodction efficiency,saves the costs and gurantees the quality consistency.
Wrapped by fabric pocket,each coil may flex separately from each other,which minimizes the friction and noise.
High density coil counts enhance the working surface of seat, allowing close-fitting to your body.
Compressed packing saves your money.


At last,coil spring
Premium high coil spring hand tied coil system using tempered steel coil springs tied at right arrange ment for comfort and proper seat support.
Fee design comstruction,hand craft is available to any imaginable shape and size of seat.
Installation versatility-can be installed on woven strips or sheets,or webbing,or sinuous spring etc.

biconeical springs bx005.jpg