Coil Spring System

- Oct 19, 2017-

As the most tradditional spring cushion struture,coil spring system always gains many customer's recognition and appraise.Distribute great quality,durability,and utility to sofa and seat.


*Premium high coil spring hand-tied coil system using tempered steel coil springs tired at right arrange ment for comfort and proper seat support.

*Free design construction,hand craft is vailable to any imaginanble shape and size of seat.

*Installation versatility-can be installed on woven strips or sheets,or webbing,or sinuous spring etc.


*Close-fitting comfort-free combination create varying degress comfortable feeling.

*Supernormal durability-heavy gauge,big size,more convolutions spring coils provide a great steady system.

*Stable quality-Quanli's high tempered spring technology provide consistent quality product.