Congratulations For Loading The 30th Container In This Month!!

- Jan 26, 2018-

Congratulations our factory have loaded the 30th container in this month!!

Today we are loading the 30th containers in our factory,the prodcuts are Pocket cushion spring and ship to Thailand,we have been cooperate with the thailand customer for 6 years,they place orders 10 containers per year,and annual marketing turnover in thanland reach USD480000 per year.we thank you so much the regular customers to support us every year,we really get the mutual benifit for our business!

We still have one week to work and then will have the long time holiday for one month,and it will have 7 containers to be loaded in the following 7days!so exciting !

We thank you all the customers all over the wrold,we will try our best to do well,and hope we have more business in 2018!