How To Repair The Broken S Type Sofa Springs

- Nov 20, 2017-

Sofa S-type spring is broken Maintenance methods:

(1) The sofa upside down, check the canvas or nylon belt is broken. If you have broken should be replaced.

(2) When replacing the tape, both ends should be nailed on the wooden frame, the end of the tape should be folded into three, and the nails should be crossed to each other. Along the bottom with 5cm wide wooden sliver nails in the sitting frame.

(3) If the spring break, we must replace the new one. First spring photo with a small nail fixed nails in the clogs, and then hemp rope or nylon rope according to the "rice" shape of the bundled together the spring, after the binding requirements of the central high spring, surrounded by low, high before slightly lower.

(4) change sackcloth, followed by miscellaneous felt, foam and other fillers, and then the fabric covered, each layer of nail fixed layer, pay attention to the foot and shape.