How To Repair The Individual Pocket Spring Cushion?

- Nov 25, 2017-

Whether small or large villa, the sofa has always been the object of furniture for everyone, with the couch will certainly need a sofa cushion, a set of sofa cushions to make the sofa look pleasing, can buy a comfortable cushion every day Can make themselves living in a pleasant environment, the current type of sofa cushion also gradually increased, but the independent spring sofa cushion has been loved by most people.When your sofa cushion seat some years,the individual pocket springs must be sagging out,do you know how to repair them?

Tilt the sofa, check the canvas or nylon belt is broken, if it has been discontinued immediately replaced. When replacing the tape, both ends of the tape should be nailed on the wooden frame, the ends of the tape should be folded in three, and the nails should be crossed to each other. Along the bottom with 125px wide wooden nails in the sitting frame. If the spring break, we must replace the new one.

First spring photo with a small nail fixed nails in the clogs, and then hemp rope or nylon rope according to the "rice" shape of the bundled together the spring, after the binding requirements of the central high spring, surrounded by low, high before slightly lower. The cloth removed with a rope or thin wire around the height of the spring are bound tidy shop linen and brown, sponge shop in the cloth on the cloth just fine. Change sackcloth, followed by the miscellaneous felt, foam and other fillers, and then the fabric covered, each layer of nail fixed layer, pay attention to the foot and shape.

With the development of the present era, the price of the cushion should be rising day by day, the same time last Xiaobian ordinary cushion to buy more than one hundred, the quality is not necessarily how good, remorse regret, the bad can only be thrown away, that more Distressed ah. Independent spring sofa cushions are not the same, not only not easy to be bad but also unlike some sofa cushions sit the same deformation on the more ugly at home ah. So you want practical and beautiful friends, hurry up.002.JPG

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