How To Solve The Spring Heat Treatment Defects

- Aug 09, 2017-

Hardware spring heat treatment refers to the hardware spring in a certain environment, heated to a certain temperature, and to warm up for a certain period of time, and at the same rate of cooling process.

Hardware spring heat treatment is the most important process in the production of the heat treatment does not change the shape of metal spring and the overall chemical composition by changing the microstructure of metal spring inside, or change the chemical composition of the surface of the metal spring, to improve the performance of the use of metal spring gives or, the main features is to change the spring the intrinsic quality of this kind of situation, generally with the naked eye can not directly see, in order to make performance of spring with mechanical properties and physical need. Heat treatment is also essential in the selection of reasonable materials. Dongguan City, Puno hardware Xiaobian to introduce defects of solution heat treatment.

1, decarburization reasons, such a situation can lead to reduced life expectancy, this situation is often due to air furnace heating, quenching gas or salt bath is not complete. In the production of air in the furnace heat quenching should be protecting gas or drop protection solution, salt bath furnace during the heating bath should be deoxidation, mass fraction of impurity Bao to less than zero point two percent, to the surface of raw materials inspection.

2, overheating, this is mainly due to the quenching temperature is too high, the hot forming temperature is too high, according to the correct temperature of the heating treatment experiment, reduce the heat forming temperature, strengthen the instrument collate ensure accurate temperature measurement.

3, the reason is mainly due to cracking, surface decarburization, tempering is not timely or heating temperature is too high or too large cooling power of quenchants, should strictly control the heating temperature in this case, using isothermal quenching or martempering fire, the fire in the medium is cooled to 250-300 degrees and then remove the empty cold. Immediately after quench to tempering.