How To Test The Materials Of Pocket Cushion Spring?

- Nov 11, 2017-

As we know the materials of Pocket cushion spring is made from High carbon steel and Non-woven fabric,but do you know how to test them´╝č

High carbon steel

Step 1

See the wire surface smoothy or not,antirust or not,if smooth and without antirust is good.

Step 2

Take one tensile test machine,as fllows:

machine to test wire.jpg

Call some professonal person to operate,if the tensile stregth between 1780-1980 Mpa,allow 5%error

If you don't have this machine,you can call the supplier to give you the quality of certificate,then you can have the data to see.

Non-woven fabric:

Step 1

The appearance of indicators: Random test samples taken 2 meters, in the light of the place to start, visual inspection cloth surface without broken wire, lumps and other unqualified defects. At the same time pay attention to the transparency of the cloth is the same (this is to judge the uniformity of cloth is an important and simple method). Then spread the flat ground, even the good product, the cloth should be no ups and downs, in some cases, you are in trouble when processing cut pieces.

Step 2

Cloth physical indicators: observe whether the shiny cloth. There is no fiber floating on the surface, if the matte or more floating words, probably the production back to the material. Tear a piece of cloth, with a complete combustion of fire, observe the combustion residues, good products, less residue and is flat, sub-material production, the residue there are many tiny particles of dust. If the time allows, you can take a square meter in the sun exposure, "Li Gui" is unable to withstand the ultraviolet light exposure, after 7 days there are obvious changes, hand torn, like paper and easy to tear .