Pay Attention To Choosing Spring

- Aug 09, 2017-

The common springs can be classified into three major categories: tension coil spring, compression coil spring and torsion coil spring.

Among them, tension and compression spring in mass production mostly, specifications complex, but suitable for minor modifications can be applied, such as the need for a small amount of spring features and not careful, the market is easy to buy, but higher prices. The exclusive agency parts users, mostly to the professional spring factory custom; if you cannot design, also can pay extra please try with the manufacturer.

Special occasions can be classified as: torsion bar, volute spring, plate spring, disc spring, wave spring washers, shrapnel, buckles, and other special-shaped spring ring spring. These spring because of the use of the environment is not the same, specifications are different, you need to customize the spring manufacturers.

Specification and dimensions of helical springs:

1. Wire diameter: the main characteristic of spiral spring is the diameter of wire. Outer diameter: it is convenient to measure the outer diameter of the spiral spring, and it is easy to recognize the size.

2, the number of laps: the total number of laps, the number of laps, the number of closed laps; spiral spring can withstand the reaction of the external force, in part depends on the number of laps.

3, pitch (lead): a circle of spiral spring line of head, tail, both ends in the axis of change distance.

4. Free length: stretch and compress the length of the spring without any external force applied. In general, free length, irrespective of spring function, is allowed to have a looser tolerance range, or a strict requirement of size, unless the ends are closed and machined.

5, spring constant: stretching and compressing the axis of the spiral spring, when it is subjected to external force deformation, the reaction force produced in every unit length. Or reversing the counterforce of a spring when it is subjected to the rotation of an external force at each unit angle.

6, action angle: torsion spring ends are subjected to different directions to a fixed torsion angle, should have counter load value and the torque value, to make the utility of collocation items.

7, function length: coil spring is compressed or stretched to a fixed length, there should be a counter force value, in order to allow the goods to play with the utility.