What Factors Affect The Use Of Springs

- Aug 09, 2017-

Spring is present in all walks of life have a mechanical parts, its application range is very wide, for example, automobile, machinery, aviation, daily use of child learning tool pen and so on, is now a part of society, an indispensable but we know that the strength of the spring will sometimes become very weak. The use of the effect is not very good, so, what are the main factors influencing the use of the spring?

1. first, the main factors affecting the spring force is its material, material yield degree is higher, so, relatively speaking, spring fatigue strength is higher, therefore, to ensure the spring fatigue strength should be studied from the spring material.

2. affect the quality of spring surface for spring fatigue strength is relatively large, cracks, scars caused by the spring material in the manufacturing process is often the root cause of the spring caused by fatigue fracture phenomenon.

The second is the 3. spring production size, material size is large, the possibility of defects is higher, so the relevant spring manufacturers attention, when the fatigue strength of the spring, attention must be paid to the consideration of spring production size problem.

The use and storage of the environmental impact of the 4. spring, the corrosive medium is very important for the effect of spring fatigue, when spring used in corrosive medium, because of surface pitting or surface grain boundary corrosion, and has become the leading source of spring fatigue; at the same time spring manufacturer at the time of production, but also pay attention to the spring working in a different environment, for a variety of spring impact.