What Is The Best Material Elasticity?

- Aug 09, 2017-

Spring steel wire is mainly used as spring or steel wire piece of steel wire, can be divided into many types, their common characteristic is that all need high toughness, high strength and good coil spring performance. The following methods should be used in production:

1, to the surface of the relevant treatment, usually with pickling phosphating method, removal of oxide sheet, forming phosphating film; also a small number of use of mechanical treatment. In order to meet the requirements of drawing process, make the surface bright and clean. For some high requirements of spring steel wire rod on fatigue life, should perform the scalping treatment, the decrease of surface defects.

2, drawing process, drawing process of finished products have a great influence on the performance of products. Most of them are about 90% of the total reduction rate and the smaller rate of pavement reduction. In order to ensure the toughness of the product. In some high strength spring steel wire drawing steel wire should control the product temperature is not higher than 150 degrees, in order to prevent the wire due to strain aging and cracks in different degrees, resulting in steel scrap. When drawing, it is necessary to have good lubrication and sufficient cooling. It is beneficial to reduce the temperature rise of the steel wire if a smaller pass rate and drawing speed are adopted.

3, carbon steel spring steel wire production method is usually lead bath quenching process, can get very small pearlite organization. The performance of the deep drawing and the performance of the spring are all good. The heat treatment of the stainless steel wire is usually treated by solid solution. Its purpose is to improve the requirement of the tissue to meet the needs of drawing.