What Is The Role Of Short Spring

- Aug 09, 2017-

Short spring compared to the original factory spring is shorter, and more robust, install short spring, can effectively reduce the body weight, reduce the lateral cornering, bends more stable and smooth, improve vehicle handling curve. The original shock absorber damping set comfortable bias, so the short spring and shock absorber factory in coordination is not very stable, it can not suppress the short spring rebound and effective compression, driving on the bumpy road, there will be a sense of discomfort jump, shock absorber life if things go on like this, will greatly shorten moreover, there may be oil spill situation.

Of course, all of these conditions are relative, the daily driving will not be so serious damage, and try not to drive fiercely, after all, the original shock absorber can not withstand the pressure of high load.

Spring is changing a short refit plan for lowering body height is the most affordable, for those who don't have much budget car is a good choice, of course, a sub price goods, improve the control performance of short spring is very limited, but there are many drawbacks, so we must understand their purpose at the time of purchase, or the time install Wanda not reach the expected effect, resulting in unnecessary waste is miserable.