What Spring Is The Good Sofa?

- Aug 09, 2017-

Now more and more sofa brand in the market, but the quality of the control is not as good as before. Therefore, in the purchase of sofas, you should carefully check the quality of each part of the sofa. In addition to the sofa, the main use of wood frame, fabric, filler grasp, some details and the use of small components also need attention.

It is like the spring used inside the sofa, the spring is an important component of the soft structure of the sofa, and it still appears in various forms in the modern sofa. Spring is in the form of "Ba spring, spring, spring is the drum round corner, spring, spring, spring Shaoxing small snake.

Horn spring, spring soil to drum used for traditional sofa, which is composed of fine wire control of this kind of Xing Beicheng, spring elasticity varies with wire diameter, wire brushing force - a small point, feeling a little soft. The steel wire is a bit rough. The depth of the seat sink, or the compression of the backrest, is determined by the number of springs, and the greater the factor, the greater the compressibility.

The quality of spring and sofa resilience and quality have a great relationship, in the purchase of the sofa, in addition to external use of materials, the internal parts also need to carefully check. The sofa uses good spring, not only can maintain the good resilience of sofa, and also have the very big relation with the whole service life of sofa.